Applying For Financial Aid

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Applying For Financial Aid

Obtaining a degree or diploma is an expensive proposition, and one that may require financial assistance. Before you do anything, check with the respective school you're interested in to see what types of financial aid they offer. They may have specific, time-sensitive, grant and scholarship applications. Make sure to look into any applicable deadlines, which often occur in spring before the start of a new academic year. The college or university may ask you to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA).

Barring that, you can look into the various financial options available through government (federal, state, and local), companies (who may offer scholarships and grants), or non-profit organizations. The government offers a variety of grants and loans for undergraduate students, including the Federal Pell Grant.

Whether you qualify for grants, government loans, or scholarships depends on a number of things including financial need. There are also a variety of grants and scholarships for minorities, people with disabilities, women, sporting awards, etc. The Internet offers a variety of free scholarship search databases that can help you narrow down your search to your particular niche. Do you volunteer for a particular organization? They may have a national office that offers grants and scholarships.

The important thing is to start looking early. It will take a bit of research and the last thing you want to do is miss a deadline.



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