Unemployed - But Not For Long

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Unemployed - But Not For Long

A noted medical journal recently noted that the risk of having a heart attack doubles with a sudden job loss in individuals over the age of 50. Finding yourself suddenly unemployed can bring about great negative changes both physically, physiologically, and mentally. It's important to consider the reasons behind the unemployment, while looking to the future.

Change is inevitable, and the only thing you can do is manage it poorly or manage it wisely. Think about your previous employment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the job inspiring me?
  • Did I feel my best while at work?
  • Were all of my skills and talents put to good use?
  • Was I valued for my skills and talents?
Answering negatively to any of these questions could mean you were actively disengaged from your work. This period of unemployment could be the perfect catalyst to a new profession through continued education. To assess the best career direction, consider the services of a career counselor. Visit a university or college, or do some research on the Internet, taking into account the things that inspire you the most. Before you know it, you could be sporting a brand new degree or diploma, and an exciting new career to go with it.



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