Professionalism In The Virtual World

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Professionalism In The Virtual World

Is it time to update your resume? Have you considered creating personal business cards as a means of expanding your network of professional associates? Picture this: You're a corporate recruiter for a top accounting firm in the United States and you're perched behind the booth at a top university, scouting for new talent. A couple of soon-to-be grads make their way to the booth, both of them with resumes in hand. They smile, ask a few pertinent questions, chat up their skills and abilities, and hand you their personal cards/resumes. You add them to your pile, and continue on with the rest of the day.

Later on, after the doors have closed and the last of the refreshments have been eaten, you take a look at the resumes. For the most part, they look great. Skills are top-notch. Grades are stellar. Information is professionally presented. Or is it? You take a closer look at the first email address: beerdrinkingfool. The next resume isn't much better with a contact email listed as: Ilikecheese.

If that's how you want your friends and family to contact you, that's fine. Professionals should come across as professionals, so make sure to update your contact information to something appropriate. Simply using your name, designation, or diploma choice as an email account name would be considered acceptable. Unless you want your resume to wind up in the shredder, make sure you come across as a serious professional applicant.



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