Business Degrees: The Sum Of All Credits

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Business Degrees: The Sum Of All Credits

For various reasons, you may decide that not only is it a good idea to start working toward, or finishing, your business degree online, but it also might be a good idea to pick and choose credits from a variety of post-secondary schools. In theory, this could be a great idea for a number of reasons including:

  • Varied instructional design
  • A broader scope of learning experiences
  • Exposure to different learning methodologies
  • Some courses may be cheaper than others (shop around)
However, before you start jumping from institution to institution (whether traditional classroom learning or online training), make sure that the sum of the credits you're taking are transferable through solidly defined articulation agreements between colleges and universities. Otherwise, instead of graduating with a diploma, you'll have a stack of credits without any recognized designation.

To find out what credits are transferable, contact the campus registrar and discuss your options, plans, and future academic endeavors. While you might be surprised to discover the vast articulation agreements in place, you might also be unpleasantly surprised to discover your college of choice will not accept the credit you've just spent all of your valuable time and money on.



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