Top Business Degree Employers In Canada

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Top Business Degree Employers In Canada

With all of the different companies and organizations to consider, it can be overwhelming when deciding where to actually apply for work. It's tempting to blanket the city with your resume, and some may even suggest it's a good idea. However, in order to be able to effectively sell yourself, you need to really target where it is you'd like to work, and why.

The Financial Post conducted a competition of top Canadian companies in 2007, using criteria such as the revenue growth and size of the companies workforce, the physical workplace, work atmosphere, health, financial, and family benefits, vacation and time off, employee communications, performance management, training & skills development, and community involvement.

The following, according to The Financial Post (based on the criteria above) were deemed the top places to work in Canada, 2007:

  • Christie Digital Systems Canada, Inc.
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Fidelity Canada
  • HSBC Bank Canada
  • Jacques Whitford Limited
  • Research in Motion Limited/RIM
  • Shell Canada Limited
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.
  • Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.
  • Yellow Pages Group
Interested in finding out more about these companies? Your first step should be a quick Internet search where you'll find the "About Us" section, contact information, and the company's mission statement. You should also be able to find an "Employment" section where current jobs are posted. If their opportunities align with your skills and career goals, perhaps you should consider dusting off your business degree and applying.



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