Business Administration - No Concentration

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Business Administration - No Concentration

Does the thought of diving right into a Bachelor's degree overwhelm you? Maybe you'd rather start out a little slower, work in industry for a while, and build on your education a little later. That's great! For some people, attending a community college to pursue a one year Business Administration diploma is the perfect opportunity to test the waters. After one full academic year, you could be out working for public or private industry sectors.

Graduates with a diploma in Business Administration typically find entry-level positions as administrative assistants, bookkeepers, data entry associates, etc., with even further opportunities for graduates with concentrations in accounting, marketing, management, or finances. Even without a second year concentration, graduates wind up with the right balance of skills to understand how business works. They get a taste of business ethics, management principles, how financial accounting is utilized in business and how sales, marketing, and promotions work.

Although there may be some classroom requirement, check with the college to see if obtaining that second year concentration is possible while you're working. Some colleges may offer certain courses, or even the whole thing, through online training. It might just be the perfect way to fine tune the area of business you're most interested in.



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