Learning Some Accounting Skills With an Online Business Administration Degree

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Will I Learn Some Accounting Skills Pursuing an Online Business Administration Degree?

Learning Some Accounting Skills With an Online Business Administration Degree

Most online business administration degree programs offer basic accounting skills, at a minimum. Designers of business administration online programs realize two historically true facts:

  1. Students tend to love or hate accounting. Since students pursuing a business administration degree, instead of a Bachelor's of Accounting designation, are often in the "less than thrilled" category, college administrators tailor their accounting offerings to provide basic knowledge of primary financial statements.
  2. Basic accounting principles must be taught since they are the official “language” of the business universe. Even if accounting is not the top subject of choice for those in online business administration college programs, students seeking to become management executives must develop a basic knowledge of accounting with the knowledge to read common financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement).
While you may not be ready to sit for a CPA exam, the accounting skills in a bachelor or master degree business administration course should give you a strong basis for improving your professional career. You should be prepared to “talk the talk” of accounting and understand the picture painted by common financial statements.



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