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What is a Marketing Business Degree?

Marketing Business Degree

The marketing degree gives students a basis for understanding current marketing methods and trends. These courses usually involve learning the techniques of sales management, advertising, research, and alternative marketing methods. You will also learn about managing customers, what motivates customers to buy, global customer management, and Internet marketing. These subjects should prepare students for careers in marketing and advertising.

What is international marketing?

International Marketing

Courses and degrees in international marketing give the student a basis of understanding how global marketing affects all marketing industries even those not actively involved in selling globally. Courses will focus on marketing internationally from the large global exporter to the small business that may rarely sell overseas. Marketing courses in this area will teach students how to find information about foreign companies, to develop global marketing strategies, how to figure out the motivation of the foreign consumer and distributor, and how to research for information about foreign markets.

What is an Associate Degree in Marketing?

Associate Degree in Marketing

The two-year associate degree in marketing provides students a basic understanding of marketing principles. Upon graduation, students can start careers in product management, advertising, marketing, sales, and customer service. In addition to the basic fundamentals of marketing, students can learn about consumer motivation, public relations and sales techniques. The credits can also be used toward a bachelor's degree if desired.

What is a certificate in marketing management?

Certificate in Marketing Management

Generally, the certificate in marketing management only takes a year to earn. The certificate courses are refresher courses on the fundamentals of marketing. These would benefit professionals who are taking on new marketing responsibilities and need a general overview of the basics as well as entry-level students. This course as an adult education course would be added to a resume to add experience and hopefully increase promotion.

What is a degree in marketing management?

Degree in Marketing Management

The degree in marketing management opens the door to a new career level on the executive or supervisory level. This program will train students for management positions in retail, distribution, direct sales, purchasing, information management, or customer service departments among others. With the recent increase in Internet based business and Internet marketing, graduates of marketing management have a ground floor opportunity to put these skills to work online or through promotion of their own business.

What marketing courses are available?

Marketing Courses

Online help is available for the student who wants to learn marketing skills. Marketing courses are available as part of degree and non-degree programs. From adult continuing education to a bachelor's degree, a student can take marketing courses in learning consumer behavior, promotional concepts, search engine marketing for the Internet, business law, communication, logistics, international marketing, technology, research, product development, sales strategies, and decision-making. Additionally, courses are available about marketing geared toward specific products or industries such as fashion, travel and tourism, food, hotel, supermarkets, and fabrics.

What marketing career options are avilable?

Marketing Career Options

People who have graduated with degrees in marketing can acquire jobs that vary in specialty. They can look for marketing career jobs in sales, communication, business public affairs, public relations, product research and development, brand marketing, and Internet marketing. Graduates of these programs can work for a variety of industries as well including advertising agencies, nonprofit and government agencies, retail and wholesale companies, market research companies, and consulting firms.

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