Study Skills For Online Learners

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What are some tips for the best online study habits?

Study Skills For Online Learners

As children in elementary school, we're told what to do, when to do it, and how long to do it. Then, as we mature, the world of education begins to throw all of its inherent responsibilities back at us. Enter online learning, a world of solitude and looming deadlines. When in the classroom, students learn in any number of ways. They absorb information spoken aloud, listen to and participate in open discussions, and bounce ideas off of one another. The written word is only one part of the equation in a classroom study. Online learning, whether you're working towards an online bachelor degree in business or a general business degree, requires dedication and commitment.

Here are some tips for better online learning study habits:

  • Go to your designated login as soon as you receive your course password/username.
  • Print off any electronic handouts, list of assignments, reading resources, etc.
  • Keep the printed information categorized in a binder for easy reference when you're not beside a computer.
  • Highlight and mark on your calendar (hard copy and electronic calendar) any assignment due dates, exam dates, etc.
  • Proofread assignments and make sure they are handed in according to the professor's instructions. You may be required to return assignments through an online web board, via email, fax, or through regular mail. Check for the preferred method for submitting assignments.
When in doubt about any instruction related to your course, get in touch with the instructor as soon as possible. Avoidable errors could cost you valuable points.



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