Online Learning, Understanding Academic Policies

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What do I do if I'm being harassed online?

Online Learning, Understanding Academic Policies

Earning an associate business degree online is an exciting way to get an education while maintaining a work schedule or family commitments. You won't be in a classroom based face-to-face setting, but you may have access to classmates via email or online messaging. Most colleges and universities follow certain rules of conduct and codes of confidentiality. For example, in order to publish a list of students' email accounts, each student would first have to sign a consent form provided by the school.

There are many great reasons for authorizing the release of your email address to the other virtual classmates. Group assignments can be completed by communicating through email, telephone conferencing, or online video conferencing. But what happens when a student becomes offensive? If one of your classmates suddenly begins sending offensive material, jokes, innuendo, etc., it might be time to read up on the school's harassment policy. Policies can sometimes be found on the school's website, or you can contact the school directly and speak with the registrar about the issue. Ask him/her to share the policy with the entire online class. If the problem persists, explore further alternatives by speaking with a school representative. The last thing you need, while working toward your associate business degree, are distractions. Any student, whether online or in a classroom, deserves a safe setting in which to expand their minds. That includes you.



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