Online Learning and the Student Appeal Process

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What should I do if I feel I'm being unfairly treated in my online business course?

Online Learning and the Student Appeal Process

As an adult learner obtaining an online associates degree in business, you expect a high level of trust and freedom to develop your skills and to learn using the best possible learning style for you. You give one hundred percent and you expect one hundred percent.

With faculty working full-time academic loads and managing online learning, mistakes and miscommunication can occur. It might be as simple as not being copied on an important email regarding course assignments, or something as extreme as feeling harassed or excluded by the instructor.

Did you know that most colleges and universities have a written policy outlining the student appeal process? If you have reason to believe you've been treated unfairly and/or received inaccurate grades, you have the right to file an appeal. However, before jumping into the formal appeal process involving an interview and formal documentation, try discussing the matter with your instructor. Not comfortable doing that on your own? Contact the campus registrar, student retention advisor, or principal to discuss the matter. With any luck, a quick discussion will clear up any miscommunication and your resulting grades will be adjusted as appropriate. If, however, the situation warrants a more formal process, ask the campus to view the student appeal process. You may need to place a request to begin the formal student appeal process. Remember, you're a student and you have rights. Now go get that associate business degree!



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