Online Business Associate Degrees - Learning Contracts

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What is a learning contract?

Online Business Associate Degrees - Learning Contracts

While working away at your associates degree in business management, an emergency or illness arises requiring you to postpone your education for an undetermined period of time. Instead of quitting (you were so close!), why not contact the campus about an online learning contract? This option might not be available everywhere, to every student, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

A learning contract is an academic intervention for students unable to complete the course of study within the usual time frame allotted. To qualify, students are assessed based on the nature of the extenuating circumstances, previous academic successes, and future academic goals. Obtaining an associate business degree is important, so why not try to incorporate more flexible learning options.

Learning contracts are completely acceptable provided the student will meet the designated learning outcomes. Learning contracts are written documents which are mutually agreed upon by the student, the faculty member(s), and someone in senior management such as an Academic Chair.

A learning contract is a lot like a legal document. Once signed, the student has formally agreed to follow the new format for successful course completion. Any failure to follow through may preclude any future academic interventions.



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