Online Associate Business Degrees and Employment

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I've graduated with an online associates degree in business. Where should I look for a job?

Online Associate Business Degrees and Employment

It's taken two years, but you've finally completed your associates degree in business through online learning. At this point, you might have a few employment leads. Perhaps you've been searching the Internet or scouring the local newspapers for employment opportunities. Ever wonder how some people seem to fall into their dream jobs? There are hidden markets out there that students aren't always aware of.

The first thing to do is check your school's website for partnerships. Oftentimes, the campus's Customized Training or Continuing Education department has provided training in partnership with industry. If an industry has partnered with the college, it's fair to say they probably have a good relationship with the school. Visit the partners' websites to see what employment opportunities exist. Make note that you're a recent graduate and mention the school's name right up front. It might be enough to spark an interest in the employer.

These days, competition is fierce and it pays to make a good first impression. It's fantastic to say you've recently graduated from an associates degree in business administration, but so haven't dozens of others. Who knows, this particular company you're applying to may have an agreement in place with the college to consider graduates before anyone else. It certainly doesn't hurt to try.



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