Careers Paths For People With Hotel & Hospitality Management Degrees

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What is a career in hospitality management all about?

Careers Paths For People With Hotel & Hospitality Management Degrees

Online business degrees encompass a wide variety of career paths, with concentrations in finance, human resource management, information technology, project management, and even hotel and hospitality management. A degree in hospitality management means so much more than being the head waiter at an upscale restaurant. It means an exciting career managing busy hotels, working for tourism companies (just think of the travel opportunities!), managing inns, working with tourism marketing and sales teams, overseeing the management of public functions, government functions, and much more.

Check with the U.S. Department of Education for a list of accredited online schools where you can obtain an online business degree in hospitality management, online hotel management, or even a degree in travel and tourism.

To obtain an online business degree, there are mandatory courses that must be taken, each of them falling under the categories of English Composition, Humanities and Fine Arts, Math, History, and Behavioral and Social Science. There are usually a few electives to choose from as well.

One of the most important characteristics of anybody in the hospitality business, is a keen sense of customer service. Professionals in this field thrive on helping others. They're highly motivated individuals working to bring people and communities together.



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