Gearing Up for a Degree in Sports Management

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Where can I use a sports management degree?

Gearing Up for a Degree in Sports Management

A masters degree in sports management will prepare you for employment in the areas of arena and dome management, amateur and professional sports, high school and college athletics, park and recreation centers. This is more than just a few push-ups and a little knowledge on how the muscles work. An online masters degree in sports management will prepare you for leadership positions in highly regarded and sometimes world famous sporting organizations, companies, teams, and agencies.

There are a vast number of courses required for a degree in sports management including Biological and Medical Aspects of Motor and Physical Disabilities, Physical Education and Sport for Children With Mental Deficiencies, Sensory Disabilities, and Motor Disabilities, Biomechanics, Managing Professional Sport, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Ethical and Social Issues in Sport.

Of course, this is just a sample of what's in store. Before obtaining your degree, you'll be required to complete an internship. If you have any preferences to where you'd like to do your internship, discuss it with your course advisor. He/she will work with you to ensure a successful internship with professional sporting teams, prestigious golfing clubs, wellness centers, at international theme parks, etc. Now go suit up, and remember to take light sips of water. This is going to be intense!



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