International Degree Requirements For Entry Into Top Online MBA Programs

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What special admission requirements for online mba programs do international students have?

International Degree Requirements For Entry Into Top Online MBA Programs

International students require more official documentation to gain acceptance into the top MBA distance education programs, or Master Degree in Business online. In order to accurately and fairly assess the application, accredited online mba programs must be sure that your international education meets the admission requirement standards set out by the university. International students (born outside of the United States) are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The official grade must then be sent directly to the university. If the test scores are more than two years old, you may be required to take the test again. In addition, international students applying for an online mba program must list on their application all schools attended (including primary and secondary schools), and enclose official transcripts. Keep in mind that not all online mba programs ask for the same admission requirements, although all accredited institutions should have very similar requirements. Don't assume your application is being processed without problem. Always follow up with the school once your application has been submitted to make sure the application isn't being overlooked or designated as incomplete. Typically, any additional fees required to obtain copies of transcripts, etc., are the responsibility of the student. Remember, school administrators are bus so don't assume they'll contact you immediately if there's a problem with your application.



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