Navigating The Accounting Course Online

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What resources can I expect from my accounting course online?

Navigating The Accounting Course Online

Whether you're taking an accounting course online or a business degree online, the basic concepts of web navigation should present several key research and resource links. Often, when students register for online training, they have several valid questions about what to expect. Once you've been accepted into a course or program, you'll be assigned a username and password, with a link to the course webpage. From there, you'll have access to a number of resource options including:

  • List of the courses you're taking
  • Assignments
  • Assignment deadlines
  • Expectations
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Contact information for faculty support
  • Contact information for technical support
  • Links to academic resources including campus library and student services
You may also have access to student webboards where you'll have an opportunity to chat with your peers.

Taking an accounting course online has its challenges, but with the appropriate help available right at your fingertips, learning should be simplified. Make sure to block periods of time where you can read through course material thoroughly, take notes from the textbook (as if you were taking notes during a lecture), and give yourself time to absorb what you're reading. When challenges arise, don't hesitate to contact your course advisor. They can offer advise and present new, alternative ways of learning the material.



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