Building A Career With A Business Degree Online

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What kinds of jobs can I get with a bachelors degree in finance?

Building A Career With A Business Degree Online

According to a noted authority, a 2005 salary survey reported that individuals with a bachelors degree in finance, combined with one to three year's experience, earned anywhere from $28,250 up to $52,000 per year. Those individuals working as senior accountants and auditors earned anywhere from $40,750 to $69,750. Managers and directors earned as high as $200,000 per year.

The United States Department of Labor recently reported an upward trend in career opportunities for accountants, citing a significant increase in growth through to the year 2014. For individuals seeking employment in the highest ranking, prestigious firms, competition remains fierce. However, if you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, can find your way around auditing computer software, and potentially specialize in areas like international business, current legislations, etc., you may find yourself on the short list of a dream job.

Many graduates who've earned a business degree online, and boast a bachelors degree in finance, or a banking and financing degree, find employment in public and private law firms with entry-level positions as cost accountants, junior internal auditors, or trainees for other accounting positions. Gradually, these employees work their way up through the ranks. After obtaining some industry experience, graduates sometimes find themselves working as faculty for various accounting programs.



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