Finding a School That Matches Your Goals

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Finding a School That Matches Your Goals

The last thing you want to do is commit a lot of time and money into a college or university, only to realize that it isn't the perfect fit. A simple business degree becomes anything but simple when trying to narrow down concentration streams. Some people may choose to wait to make that decision until the general course requirements are met. However, without a clear direction in mind, you could be missing out on valuable elective courses, workshops, networking opportunities, etc.

So how do you decide which courses/programs to take? It's important to have a clear understanding of your skills, abilities, and interests. If you hate numbers, you may want to avoid financial management. If you love language, you might want to consider a concentration in education, history, literature, etc.

Not sure where to begin? There are different ways of discovering your passions without having to rely on biased opinion from friends and family. While that may help, self-assessments are useful and can often be utilized directly through the university or college through career counselors. Alternately, there are many job bank databases on the Internet where skill sets required for specific jobs are listed. These combined things should give you a clear sense of the educational path that fits.



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