Beefing Up The Soft Skills To An MBA Education

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Beefing Up The Soft Skills To An MBA Education

The one thing that many MBA programs don't offer enough of is soft-skill training. What does that mean? Things like the way we see individuals, the way we treat them, respond to them, and empathize with them in terms of their own lives and how they live them. People who are treated with respect in an organization feel valued as employees, but most importantly, as people. Good managers keep things on an even keel, putting out proverbial fires as they arise, and generally keep issues under the radar. Great managers, on the other hand, not only understand the intricacies of working in a diverse, global environment, they also understand the people working right under their noses.

In today's business world, managers should strive for a reputation of true leadership. If your goal is to eventually become one of those leaders, consider rounding out your education with soft-skill courses. Assuming you have the time and energy to dedicate, consider applying for elective courses, or community college courses, in organizational behavior training, dealing with difficult people courses, diversity courses, etc. These are the types of things that will really stand out on your resume and will go a long way toward your reputation as a world class leader.



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