Work Or Wait? From Business Degree To The Office

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Work Or Wait? From Business Degree To The Office

Some people prefer to take a year or two off before attending college after high school, or from undergraduate studies to graduate studies. To some, it might seem logical to plow through the complete educational process to get it done. After all, once the momentum is going, you may as well hang in there to the finish line. Unfortunately, the universities themselves may put a roadblock up in your efforts to continue forward. The reason? To get into something like a Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management (as one example), applicants require a Bachelor's or degree from an accredited college or university, plus a minimum of three to five years of professional work experience.

It's important to have that work experience under your belt in order to be prepared for the intensity of an MBA program. By the time you find yourself working toward an MBA, you're expected to have already honed a high degree of professionalism. There'll be a lot of strategic thinking in terms of decision making, human resource management, marketing, accounting, etc. At this point, it's not just about learning new skills, it's about becoming a successful manager in either the public or private sector.



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