A Career In The Food & Agricultural Business

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A Career In The Food & Agricultural Business

Have you considered a degree in Food & Agriculture? The less-than-jazzy name belies the true nature of the program. If you have an excellent record of employment, work experience, and letters of recommendation, you could step into a field ripe with opportunities. Graduates with a Master of Business Administration in Food & Agriculture utilize knowledge of global market strategies to become key players within the import/export food sector. They oversee regulatory environments, manage finances, and perform risk analysis reports related to food and agriculture.

An example of a career in this sector is an Agri-business Commodity Trader. A person with this title manages logistics, identifies opportunities, and understands the risks and benefits around buying and selling specific commodities such as feed grains, pulse crops, oil seeds, etc. Professionals in this field work for international companies and require an astute financial sensibility. In addition, they must be able to proficiently buy and sell on a global scale.

Students interested in furthering their education in this field may qualify for specific scholarships directly related to the agriculture industry. To find scholarship applications online, do a search using keywords like “agriculture scholarship.”



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