The Online Learning Connection To The Real World

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The Online Learning Connection To The Real World

When the walls of the traditional classroom come down, the open space of evolved learning takes place. If you're taking an online business degree or course, chances are that course was created by an instructional designer. That person, armed with a sound knowledge of the curriculum and expected learning outcomes, strives to develop activities and projects that push the boundary of the typical classroom setting.

While group discussions and research projects are valuable, nothing beats the opportunity to send students into the real world to connect and interact with industry. If you're being encouraged to suggest changes or contribute new ideas to the course curriculum, consider yourself part of a valued and truly open learning concept.

You may be asked to create and maintain blogs following specific development criteria, research online newsgroups, participate in online forums, etc. These methods of education take the student far beyond the typical face-to-face classroom discussion, opening up a world of networking opportunity. Working directly with volunteer organizations, industry, agencies, etc., puts the student in direct contact with individuals who may end up becoming their mentors or colleagues. That's why it's important to ask a lot of questions before registering for courses and programs online.

You want to make sure that the education you're getting is dynamic, global, and provides networking opportunities.



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