More Talking In Class, Please

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More Talking In Class, Please

Unless your professor is one of the more dynamic and entertaining educators out there, chances are you tune him/her out within 10 minutes, perhaps even sooner. We can all envision the amphitheater-styled university classroom with the professor droning endlessly on. One of the unique and promising aspects of earning a degree online is the decidedly lack of lecture taking place. By its very nature, online learning isn't conducive to excessive lecture, lending itself to a model of discussion and student interaction.

Not familiar with online learning? If that's the case, it may be hard to understand how this type of learning can take place. After all, there's nobody sitting next to you, and there's no classroom community to speak of. Or is there…

With online learning, even larger-than-average classes can be broken down into groups where students are encouraged to utilize web board postings, email exchange, phone calls, or video and teleconferencing tools to communicate with each other. Online learning could easily become a solitary, stagnant experience. That's why there's a great push toward the opposite end of the communication spectrum. There may be no sound coming from your mouth as you while away the hours on projects and assignments, but your web postings and discussion groups should be a cacophony of virtual chatter.



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