Where To Find Your Grades Online

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Where To Find Your Grades Online

It used to be that grades were handed out after tests, exams, assignments, and projects were complete. The mark was written in red ink and circled at the top of the page. If you were lucky, there was a note attached to it with suggestions for next time, advice, or maybe a big fat “Well done!” scrolled on the page.
Whether you're working toward a business degree through the traditional classroom setting, or through online learning, don't expect to receive your grade the “old fashioned” way anymore.

Many instructors will hand back individual tests and examinations with marks on them, but to find out the culmination of your total score, you're probably going to have to use a student self-service website. This type of site is usually located somewhere on the college or university's website with a link accessible to students. Students are given a username and password to protect confidentiality and are expected to review their own grades.

Any question or concern about the posted grade should be brought to the instructor as soon as possible. Just because it's published on the web board doesn't mean it can't be fixed.
Only you and your instructor will have access to your posted grade.



12/5/2008 2:52:29 PM
Jim stewart said:

I can't find my grades online. Can someone give me a site where i don't have to enter a password or anything???


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