Finding A Business Degree Mentor

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Finding A Business Degree Mentor

Just about everyone working toward an online business degree experiences a moment of panic - either fleeting or long-lived - when the immensity of the course load glares more brightly than the computer monitor. In a regular classroom setting, there's a bit of "letting off steam" among other students that goes a long way in validating your own thoughts and feelings. You don't feel quite so alone in that sense.

Did you know that even if you're an online student, you might be able to access one of the many student services offered by the college or university? You may not need a tutor, but what about a mentor? That person could be a graduate of the degree program you're working towards, or even a current student able to provide some feedback and guidance during the rough times.

Your academic advisors want you to succeed, and it's important to ask if you need help keeping on track.



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