Improve Your Grades By Improving Your Memory

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Improve Your Grades By Improving Your Memory

Memory can be affected by a number of things including age, certain medications, stress, anxiety depression, fatigue, etc. As a hard-working professional aiming for a business degree, any number of the above physiological symptoms could affect you at any time, making it harder to succeed. Take heart, however. There are things you can do to improve your memory including the following:

  • Repeat what you've heard. Take notes and read them back to yourself silently during class and again out loud after class.
  • Tape lectures if possible.
  • Try to maintain as much healthy balance in your life as you can. Get regular sleep, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet for optimum health.
  • Use word associations to help you remember key concepts. Need to remember three important names, try to associate them with people you know well, or visualize faces to the names.
  • Take the first letters or syllables of a string of words to form a new word that spells out the information. For example: M.A.P.S. (Maple, Apple, Pine, Spruce)
Memory is served best when your attention is focused and clear of intruding thoughts or worries. Blocking those thoughts isn't easy. Allow yourself certain times during the day to really hash out things that are worrying or bothering you so that when it comes time to get down to some serious studying, your mind will be able to absorb the material.



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