PhD Degrees From Starting Line To Salary Scale

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What steps should I follow to wind up with a PhD?

PhD Degrees From Starting Line To Salary Scale

For some people, obtaining a business doctoral degree is a lifelong dream. Maybe it's a family expectation, or a personal goal set years ago. Whatever the reason, it can seem a daunting process when you consider the number of years committed to obtaining that education.

The following is a step-by-step timeline to take you from the first years of your post-secondary education, to the last, whether you're plan is to enroll into a Doctorate of Business Administration program, or an online PhD in Business:

  • Undergraduate School: These are the first four years after high school complete. At this stage, you may not completely know what you want to take, or where you want to end up career-wise. Do you want to eventually find yourself enrolled in a business doctoral degree program or maybe obtain a PhD in Business Management? No need to fret. The first two years of general study are meant to provide an exploration of strengths, likes, and dislikes.
  • Graduate - Master's Degree: At this stage, you should have a pretty clearly defined educational path in front of you. Options include a Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Education, or even a Master in Business Administration.
  • Business Doctoral Degree: You made it this far, don't lose your steam! This is the final step. The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the most common degree awarded at this level. Other doctoral degrees include the Doctor of Education (EdD) or a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration (DBA).



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