Transferring Credits Toward A PhD In Business Management

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Can I apply for transfer credits toward a PhD in Business Management?

Transferring Credits Toward A PhD In Business Management

The process of applying for course credits varies from university to university which is why it's best to review the institution's credit transfer policy as soon after admittance as possible.

Overall, most accredited universities follow similar academic requirements for obtaining a PhD in Business Management, PhD Business Degree, or PhD in International Business. It's natural to expect that after obtaining a Master's degree, there would be some transferable courses. However, don't make that assumption too quickly.

Depending on the school, you might be able to apply for six or even 20 course transfers, provided they are in advanced standing. The reality? Only the most exceptional students are awarded the maximum course transfers. It doesn't hurt to try, however. After all, even a few transferred courses move you that much closer to your goal of obtaining a PhD in Business Management.

To get started, ask for A Request for Transfer of Credit form and make sure to submit all required documents including official transcripts with your application. Meanwhile, don't assume the application will be accepted until you receive official notification. When applying for transfer credit toward a PhD Business Degree, courses should be at the post-master's level, taken at an accredited institution, and must have been completed within a certain timeframe (usually no longer than five years). The higher the grade, the better your chances.

These are general requirements for course transfer. Always check with the school's administration for specific transfer credit guidelines.



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