Doctoral Degree In Business - Application DENIED

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Why was my application toward a doctoral degree in business denied?

Doctoral Degree In Business - Application DENIED

The first couple of years of university were probably filled with excitement and the promise of possibility. Once the honeymoon wore off, and specific disciplines were decided upon, the world of academia took on even greater significance. From the convivial corridors of undergraduate school to the glory of graduate school, your educational path was well on its way. With a world of experience tucked into your portfolio, you confidently completed an application toward a Doctoral Degree in Business. Taking your time, you fill out all of the necessary paperwork. You were even invited to sit before an interview panel! The transcripts were submitted, a carefully articulated essay was created and sent, and solid reference letters from esteemed colleagues were included in your submission package.

Weeks later, you receive a response. Denied. It's normal to feel indignant at this point considering your educational background, but do not respond to the institution in any kind of negative manner. Sit back, take a deep breath, and consider the following possibilities:

  • Was your application package submitted too late?
  • Do your undergraduate scores average a “B” or higher?
  • Did you complete the required GMAT (Graduate Mandatory Admissions Test)?
  • Was your essay as strong as it could have been?
  • Is it possible you missed something in your application package?
The important thing is not to take a denial personally. There are many valid reasons for having an application denied. If you're serious about undertaking a doctoral degree in business, consider reapplying.



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