Obtaining An Online PhD In Business For The Not-So-Computer-Savvy Individual

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How can I get a PhD in Business online if I don't know much about computers?

Obtaining An Online PhD In Business For The Not-So-Computer-Savvy Individual

Adult learners are unique in that, oftentimes, there are extenuating circumstances keeping them from full-time studies. It might take several years, but many people will chip away at the courses required to obtain a PhD in Business degree until the goal is reached. Years ago, the only way to do that was to either attend classes as a part-time student, or pick up a few credits through correspondence.

Today's universities recognize the growing need for alternate delivery, offering credit courses, and entire degree programs, through online learning. Sounds amazing, but for an entire generation of computer shy individuals, there may be some reservations. No need to worry. The following list offers a few suggestions to get you started:

  • If it's been a while since you've worked with a computer, take a refresher course at a community college in your area. Look for courses that offer training in how to use search engines properly, save and retrieve documents, and detailed email applications.
  • Don't rely on someone else's computer to complete your PhD in Business. You'll need regular, reliable access to the Internet, and it's best to have your own space to work.
  • Although not 100% necessary, a laptop with wireless Internet connection is nice to have, especially if you travel frequently. As a student, you may be able to get a discount.
  • A thumb drive is a small stick containing memory. You can plug it into your computer to save your work. If something happens to your computer, you'll be happy that you haven't lost your work.
Remember, when you take online courses, you're not alone. Technical support and assistance is always available.



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