Profile Of A Career In Computers

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Profile Of A Career In Computers

Graduates with a business degree can find work in any number of niche markets including computer sciences. People in this field of work find jobs as database administrators, webmasters, programmers, network system analysis, computer and information system management, computer network technicians, computer service technicians, etc. Graduates looking for this type of career have a choice of private industry, academic institutions, or working for the government.

It's not absolutely necessary to have a business degree to work, for example, as a computer network technician, but the added value of a degree could propel you into a management role within the industry. Someone with a Computer Network Technician designation plans, organizes, directs, controls, and evaluates the operations of information systems and electronic data processing departments and companies. They meet with clients to discuss system requirements, assemble and manage teams of information systems personnel, control departmental budgets, and even recruit and supervise other personnel within the department. It's these latter management skills that really come into play with a business degree.

That degree will give you the skills to manage people, understand the dynamics of an organization from a human resources perspective, and catapult you to the top of the department, organization, or industry.

Government careers statistics (2006) report an average wage of $51/hr in the United States and $35/hr in Canada, for individuals working as Computer Information Systems Managers.



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