Working As A Health Care Manager With A Business Degree

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Working As A Health Care Manager With A Business Degree

For individuals with a strong professional health care background and a business degree, the list of job titles is seemingly endless. Early in your career, you may have started as a nurse or nurse practitioner. Perhaps you worked in Psychiatric Mental Health, or in Renal Dialysis at a busy and stress-filled hospital or clinic. While these jobs are satisfying and rewarding on their own, some people have those leadership qualities that tug them to the top.

While having years of experience working directly with patients as a professional health care worker is imperative, it's also important to hold a degree in business. It's one thing to understand how to care for patients, and quite another to understand the health care system through the lens of an administrator.

Some examples of job titles that fall under the health care spectrum include:

  • Administrator of Nursing
  • Administrator of Child Welfare Services
  • Director of Social Services
  • Director of School of Nursing
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Laboratory Medicine
Of course, these are just a few of hundreds of job titles. The directors and administrators within the various health care departments usually come from a strong background either as a physician, psychiatrist, practitioner, nurse, or other healthcare professional.

Government career statistics (2006 – 2007) estimate the hourly wage of Medical & Health Services Managers as $39/hour in the United States, and $35.26 in Canada.



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