Profile Of A Career In The Hospitality Industry

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Profile Of A Career In The Hospitality Industry

When thinking of careers within the Tourism and Hospitality industry, it's easy to conjure images of working in up-scale restaurants or hotels, catering to the public, or creating works of art in the kitchen. While a career in this sector can certainly mean all of those things, it can also mean a whole lot more – especially if you hold a business degree.

People working within the Tourism and Hospitality industry usually start in entry-level jobs as waiters, waitresses, hostesses, etc. They may have walked in off the street and got a job, but most likely they came into the establishment with a diploma from a community college.

For high-energy achievers looking for advancement, a business diploma or degree is the ticket to launch them into careers as Marketing Consultants, Tourism Consultants, Public Relations Experts, Travel Consultants, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, etc. Graduates with a diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management usually find their way into niche careers simply by building on their own particular strengths.

Love to travel? Working with a travel agency could be the ticket to your dream job.

Love the commotion of a busy restaurant? You could be the next owner/manager/host.

Combine years of experience in the industry with a business degree, and you could find yourself developing skills as an entrepreneur, putting your own creative spin to the hospitality industry.

The salary range for individuals working in this particular field is vast, ranging from $10/hour for entry-level positions, to $40/hour for management positions. The scale slides considerably in either direction depending on the education, experience, and drive of the individual.



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