From The Bottom Up - Becoming An Influential Leader

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From The Bottom Up - Becoming An Influential Leader

Wages are important. After all, they put food on the table and shelter over your head. Yet, true success comes first from finding your passion and building on that passion with education. Those dynamic individuals who chair important committees, volunteer actively, and champion causes in which they firmly believe aren't necessarily making a lot of money. What makes them happy is their ability to influence change and progress. How do you do that? It takes years of experience to find your way from an entry-level position, to one of considerable influence, and a wealth of life-long learning to draw from.

For example, a Zoologist, Animal Biologist, or Wildlife Conservationist, may have started by volunteering in animal shelters, zoos, veterinary clinics, or with national parks. From there, they may have gone on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree. These steps alone were enough to secure them a career within their chosen path.

However, sometimes it takes more to become that influential leader with the authority to really affect change. To be that person, you may have to consider furthering your education with an MBA. Holding that degree shows that not only do you have considerable work and life experience to give it integrity, you also have the problem-solving and analytical skills necessary to make the kinds of decisions that factor in the human aspect, financial aspect, and cultural aspect inherent in that field.



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