Temping Your Way To A Permanent Position

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Temping Your Way To A Permanent Position

There are numerous and well-known temp agencies that can bridge the gap between university graduation and full-time employment. A temp agency can help pay the bills, and the student loans, while you're in the market for a life-long career. There are pros and cons to temp agencies, however, including the following:


  • Expands your network of business professionals
  • Increases your skill base
  • Helps you determine which areas of industry you'd like to work in
  • Provides temporary income

  • May not show off your top skills
  • You could become too wrapped up in temping to keep your eye on your future goals
  • May become discouraged by constant changes in work environment and culture
  • Lower salary
There's nothing wrong with working for a temp agency, provided you keep your eye on the ball. Specifically ask for positions that highlight your best skills. Always maintain professionalism in the workplace, no matter what job they've assigned you. Gradually build up a network of professionals and contacts who can help you land a career, not a short-term job.

As you continue to temp, make sure to update your resume accordingly, noting all of the new work experiences you've encountered. It all adds up!



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