Taking A Study Leave From Work

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Taking A Study Leave From Work

It's not impossible to maintain a full-time job while working toward a diploma or degree online, but it isn't easy either. The sheer hours required to study, take tests, complete residencies, etc., is exhausting enough. Factor in the amount of hours you're putting into your regular day job, and ask yourself how long you can keep up that pace. Assuming your employer is supportive in your academic endeavors, it might be time to consider taking a leave of absence from work in order to dedicate your full energy to college or university.

Before taking or applying for a leave of absence, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have savings that I can draw from if I need to?
  • Does my family support the idea?
  • Will I qualify for unemployment insurance during my leave of absence?
  • Do I have enough time between now and the designated leave of absence to apply for, and benefit from, a deferred salary plan?
  • Will I be guaranteed my job back when I'm finished my degree/diploma?
  • Do I really intend to return to my place of work or is my intention to find something else?
With a little pre-planning, there are ways to make a leave of absence work for you.



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