Business Degree + Public Speaking Skills = Employment

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Business Degree + Public Speaking Skills = Employment

As a student working toward a business degree or diploma, you'll inevitably be called upon to give a presentation, report, or participate in active discussion. Eventually, you're going to have to present yourself to a potential employer through a first contact (phone or in person) and hopefully on to an interview. All of the skills and talents in the world will be futile if you can't present yourself in a dynamic, exciting, confident way.

Public speaking, in any form, is often fraught with nervous anxiety and apprehension. Before diving into full-time studies, or stepping in front of an interview panel, consider honing those public speaking skills. Organizations like Toastmasters International offer worldwide training clubs and workshops designed to transform your public speaking skills. Toastmasters International cites the following ten tips for successful public speaking:

  • Know your material
  • Practice
  • Know the audience
  • Know the room
  • Relax
  • Visualize yourself giving your speech
  • Realize that people want you to succeed
  • Don't apologize for being nervous – the audience probably never noticed
  • Concentrate on the message and your audience
  • Gain experience
Becoming a confident speaker will enable you to market yourself, and your skills, more effectively. So consider joining local Toastmaster groups, or practicing in front of friends, family and colleagues.



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