Top Business Degree Employers In The United States

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Top Business Degree Employers In The United States

As a recent graduate with a business degree or diploma, you may be wondering where the best jobs are hiding. There are a few different ways to narrow down your options, including through word of mouth from peers, friends, and family. Some people consider geographical location, preferring to work locally, while others prefer to branch out, searching the global market for the best place to work.

Still not sure where to turn? Do an Internet search using a string of keywords like “best places to work”. You're sure to turn up a few well-known survey results. To be sure that the criteria followed meets with your expectations of what a great employer should be, make sure to read the guidelines and criteria adhered to by the company. For example, a survey should rate a number of factors including benefit packages, employee satisfaction, salary scale, vacation and sick leave entitlement, advancement opportunities, etc. Basically, if it's what you'd look for in a job, you might want to consider their listing.

In 2007, top companies identified as "best places to work" included Google, Genentech, Wegmans Food Markets, Container Store, Whole Foods Market, Network Appliance, and S.C. Johnson & Son, to name a few. A little research will easily turn up the top 100 companies to work for in America. The hard part is finding the right fit, and the right job, for you.



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