Business Administration - Marketing Concentration

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Business Administration - Marketing Concentration

Were you the type of kid who sold lemonade by the side of the road and actually made money at it? Maybe you were the adolescent always making up catchy jingles at a moment's notice, or selling toys to make a profit. If this sounds like you, a two-year Business Administration diploma with a concentration in sales or marketing might just be the perfect fit.

The first year of a Business Administration program gives you a broad set of skills and experiences applicable to the modern office environment. The second year is where you really hone in on your passions by choosing a concentration that suits your personality and skill sets. Marketers spend their careers researching demographics, products, and services. They work on strategic planning to most effectively sell a company's product or service. In addition to exercising a global perspective on sales strategies, marketers must also be able to communicate clearly, create and present key concepts through reports, manage sales, and work on product development.

Students who graduate with a Business Administration Marketing diploma or degree, usually find themselves in entry-level positions in areas of sales, sales promotion, advertising, public relations, marketing research, customer service, and brand management and can expect to take courses such as:

  • Management Principles
  • Sales & Advertising/Promotion
  • Logistics
  • Market Research
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Computer Training
Entry-level positions can quickly lead to management positions for students with a Business Administration Marketing designation. It's important to start at that entry-level position to build a network of contacts and become familiar with the overall nature of the business. The more you know, the better your chances of promotion later on.



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