Practical Hands On Learning

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Practical Hands On Learning

Some people learn best by listening and others learn best by doing. The best schools will utilize a combination of both methods, as a way to facilitate efficient and effective learning.

Practical exercises are valuable tools for students to use when theory will only take them so far. Students attending certain community colleges benefit from practical workshops where they can put their theoretical learning to good use. Sometimes, as a way to provide additional administrative services to staff and faculty, colleges/universities establish a working office where students gain experience by practicing their skills.

Students taking Business Administration diplomas benefit from the daily practice of interacting in a professional setting, performing tasks, meeting deadlines, seeing first-hand how office dynamics come into play, etc. In addition, the students may be able to earn credits or extra credits, based on their “job” performance.

If you're a student working toward a business degree or diploma, talk to your academic advisor about ways the class can participate in more practical learning situations. Have great ideas of your own? Don't be shy about making suggestions. New learning tools are implemented all the time and benefit the school, the student, and the eventual employer.



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