Finding Help With Textbook Publishers

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Finding Help With Textbook Publishers

The textbooks used in college and universities can only go so far, offering a set number of practice exercises, quizzes, answer keys, etc. The best way to learn a new concept is to practice it often, come at it from different angles, and think about the problem in a critical way.

Publishers of higher education textbooks like Pearson and Prentice Hall offer valuable resources to students directly from their websites. Offering well designed and easy to use websites, major publishers offer a place for students to extend the learning obtained from the textbook, thus providing an expanded training ground.

For students who've purchased textbooks, there may be CD's at the back of the book that can be used, or student codes to use for accessing additional resources related to the textbook. However, you don't have to have purchased a textbook to find resources from the publisher's website. Pearson Education Canada, for example, offers a new Research Navigator to students as way to do fast, reliable researches using exclusive databases.

So, the next time you're looking for additional resources or help, don't forget to visit the publisher of your textbook.



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