Punctuation Refresher

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Punctuation Refresher

As a full or part-time student, you'll be called upon to write various reports and assignments. Understanding the key concepts of grammar and punctuation will take you far, so don't underestimate the importance of proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, avoiding run-on sentences, and other faux-pas of the writing world.

Purchasing a writer's handbook for easy reference can be used in the classroom or at work and will offer advice and guidance on the proper use of commas, apostrophes, prepositional phrases, proper use of colons and semicolons, dashes, exclamation marks, parentheses, hyphens, and brackets, to name a few.

In today's cryptic and abbreviated world of text messaging and email, it's not surprising to discover our grammatical muscles are weaker than we remember. A little self-training with a good reference guide will be invaluable in any writing assignments you encounter.

Bonus tip: Make a list of your common grammatical errors and keep it posted next to your computer for easy reference.



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