Organizing Completed Work

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Organizing Completed Work

Organizing your resource materials, assignments, due dates, tests, etc., is important when working toward an online or traditional degree/diploma. It's equally important, however, to keep track of your completed work. It's not necessary to hang on to every email or piece of paper that comes your way, but you should keep the following information for future reference:

  • A copy of the course description.
  • A copy of your test, grade, and comments made by the instructor, if any.
  • A copy of your final unofficial transcripts.
  • Any feedback received from the instructor regarding the course of study and your progress.
  • A list of the learning outcomes.
  • A list of textbooks used.
  • Any additional workshops or practical study related to the course.

The reason for keeping track of what you've done is to provide sound documentation should you wish to challenge for credit in the future. You may not think you'll ever need the information, but when you do, you'll be glad you have it.



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