The Intricacies Of Global Networking

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The Intricacies Of Global Networking

Even though you may never have to travel the globe to meet clients, or network for new business opportunities, you most likely will be corresponding globally via email, telephone, or video-conferencing. Whether you're working on a comprehensive university project or working in a business environment that requires global contact, you'll need to be cognizant of certain cultural factors including:

  • The language.
  • What the people prize as most important to them (family, work, social networking, etc.).
  • What types of business hours people typically keep.
  • How business decisions are made.
  • What type of food they eat.
  • How they dress.
  • Recreational activities most popular.
Of course you don't have to memorize a tourism book to get the answers to these questions, but its important to be able to visualize your clients. These global citizens could even be your peers, working with you toward a business degree or diploma.

Understanding who they are, where they come from, and what drives them from a cultural, religious, or business perspective will further capitalize on your ability to network and communicate effectively. Confidence plays a major role in your ability to reach out to the global community and the best way to boost confidence is to boost knowledge.



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