Types of Jobs You Can Find With an Online Associate Degree in Business

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What Types of Jobs Might I Find With an Online Associate Degree in Business?

Types of Jobs You Can Find With an Online Associate Degree in Business

An online associate degree in business makes you a better candidate for many entry-level jobs in almost all industries. Among the corporate departments that would value your new associate business degree online are accounting, finance, sales, human resources, marketing, customer service, and administration. As you can see, generalization can sometimes be more valuable than specialization at this point in your professional career.

If you are already part of one of these teams at your current job – and wish to progress in this field – completing an online associate
degree program in business will help you compete more strongly for
intra-department promotion opportunities. Should you enjoy your current department, you might decide to further your degree goals and enter a bachelor degree program in business, marketing, business management or administration, or information technology.

Lincoln College Online, and other accredited institutions, will accept most or all of your business credits earned in your
associate online degree program, allowing you to begin your bachelor studies as a junior, not a freshman. Depending on your ability and desire to maximize or minimize your course load, you could earn a bachelors degree in as little as 24 months (or less) after getting your associate business degree online.



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