Some Careers to Pursue With an Online Degree in Business Administration

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What Are Some Careers I Could Pursue With an Online Degree in Business Administration?

Some Careers to Pursue With an Online Degree in Business Administration

An online degree in business administration is a wonderful credential for a variety of lucrative professional careers. You can take at least two approaches to career issues with a business administration degree.

  • Treat your online business administration courses like an “all you can eat” smorgasbord, sampling a wide variety of selections to become a knowledgeable generalist.
  • Identify one or two areas that particularly interest you and concentrate on those that offer a stronger introduction to a career path you like.
Regardless of your approach to an online business administration degree, here are some common (and growing) career suggestions for which this major would prepare you.

  • Operations management. Most popular industries value a business administration degree for operations management, including retail, banking, finance, marketing, government, non-profit, IT, and many others.
  • Hospitality and Communications management. These growing business sectors tend to hire graduates of business administration programs, as these employees can be trained on-the-job for specific specialty areas.
  • Corporate information system development. Unlike pure IT expertise, corporate information systems management involves business knowledge that helps companies integrate their sources of customer, operations, financial, marketing, and strategic data.
  • E-Commerce. As companies shift more operations to electronic networks, employees are needed to reach success. Those with an online business administration college background have good opportunities as they are already more experienced with Internet operations than their on-campus trained peers.



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