Differences Between Accredited and Non-Accredited Online Business Management Degrees

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What Is the Difference Between Accredited and Non-accredited Online Business Management Degrees?

Differences Between Accredited and Non-Accredited Online Business Management Degrees

Initially you might believe the difference in accredited and non-accredited online business management degrees may be small or even insignificant. In this case, you would be wrong. A real-world example should help explain the difference.

You are a good candidate for a position with a new employer or a lucrative promotion within your current company. The choice is down to two people, of which you are one. You have recently completed a non-accredited online business management bachelor degree program. The decision-maker is looking for reasons to hire or disqualify the remaining finalists.

Your peer competitor has a BS business management degree from an accredited institution. Unless you have one or more other outstanding features, you will probably not be selected. The employer will have comfort in assigning more value to the person with an accredited business management degree, knowing that independent parties have certified the quality of the program.

An accredited business management degree online displays a measurable achievement and graduation from a program that has been judged to be of quality. Accrediting agencies have examined the quality of the business management courses, teaching staff, and overall value, which makes a big difference.



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