Mandatory Residencies For Degree Programs

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Mandatory Residencies For Degree Programs

If you're considering working toward your business degree online, take into consideration any mandatory residencies required throughout the course of your study. It could have a significant impact on which college or university you choose. In some instances, residency may be just a few weekends, or it could be for a longer term. At that point, unless the university is within driving distance, you may find yourself looking for a place to stay short-term.

Check with the university to see if they offer a list of available rooms to rent in the area. Oftentimes, people will contact the college or university looking to take in a boarder, or with a room/apartment to rent. The university will most likely have the details including the rent, what's included, and at least a phone number to contact.

Alternately, consider staying with a friend or family member who might live nearby. Ask about onsite residence as well. Obviously, a completely online college won't have anything like that to offer. However, a conventional college or university might have a dormitory. While the dormitories are most likely filled with full-time students, they may have a short-term option available for you while you complete your residency.



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