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What is a degree in international finance and accounting?

International Finance and Accounting

This degree program allows students to learn topics relating to the financial aspect of international business for finance or accounting related careers. The program covers multinational financial management, portfolio management, e-commerce, and information management. This coupled with a basic understanding of general business principles such as human resources, marketing, economics, business law, and elements of business means more opportunities for employment upon graduation.

What is a certificate in international business?

Certificate in International Business

Students of the certificate program in international business will receive a basic understanding of the complex nature of international business, but the program is not designed to provide students a lead-in to an international job. The credential can be used to impress future employers or obtain an entry level position, but is really supposed to be the beginning of the learning process, not an end point. Coursework concentrates on the areas of global business strategies, international relations and institutions, languages, and area studies.

What is international marketing?

International Marketing

This degree in international marketing is designed to prepare students for careers in international marketing or for positions with some marketing responsibility. In the program, students receive the basic understanding of business concepts such as accounting, human resources, economics, international trade operations, and corporate strategy. Students also receive instruction in marketing topics such as communication, retail management, international relations, marketing strategy, and customer relationship management.

What is international business with design management?

International Business with Design Management

This degree integrates business with design management on a global scale. Students learn topics of international business such as finance, trade organizations, corporate strategy and marketing as well as design management creativity. The blend will allow students to work in international business environments for more creative employers such as publishing houses, public relations, advertising, research and development, or as a consultant.

What are the advantages of an international business degree?

Advantages of an International Business Degree

The international business degree is for people who not only like business topics, but also foreign travel, languages, and foreign culture. The advantages of online international business courses are the convenience and credibility they bring to the students and graduates. Students are able to study while also building professional careers, graduates are able to showcase their new skills by taking on new responsibilities or new job titles that enable them to travel and use their business skills globally. Additionally, the opportunity for growth in international business is expanding along with the salaries of professionals in this arena.

What are the purpose of international business courses?

International Business Courses

Courses in international business are supposed to educate the student not only on business strategies, but also acclimate them to different cultures and languages of countries they may choose to be transferred to or represent or be in contact with. This is an important part of the process because the relational status between the graduate and the foreign businesspeople will determine their success in the field.

What is an international business degree?

International Business Degree

The international business degree teaches students to direct the normal rules of commerce toward global markets. This degree will teach such areas as economics, finance, human resource management, international trade operations, corporate strategy, marketing, business law, and computer technology. The career path you will take after graduation will rely heavily upon the level of your degree, your interest or specialty, and what part of the world interests you. With a degree in this field, graduates can pursue such careers as import/export specialists, foreign correspondent, international travel coordinator, marketing planner, or bank officer.


Overcoming Obstacles On The Quest For A Business Degree

There's a great deal of respect for anyone who continues their journey of learning, especially for those people who manage to defy all odds, graduating in the top percentile of their class, diploma in hand. Of course, not everyone graduates with top marks, but they do graduate. For some people, the bigger the adversity, the fiercer the determination to complete college/university. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws some nasty curveballs that can thwart even the best intentions.

The following are some key obstacles met by students working toward an online degree or diploma, and ways to overcome them:

Money: A degree is expensive and sometimes, even with a full or part-time job, money can be tight. Make sure to have a financial plan in place before even applying for college/university online. You may have to get a student loan, or actively search for scholarships/grants.

Work: The reality for many people is the need to work while obtaining a diploma or degree. For some people, the decision to share the information with the employer is easy to make, especially if the employer is supportive. On the other hand, you may be spending unnecessary emotional energy keeping the diploma/degree a secret. The stress is likely to detract from your studies. If your employer is supportive, look for ways to capitalize on their belief in you by asking for a short-term paid (if possible) or unpaid leave of absence.

Family: Family commitments mean different things for different people. You may need to be the shuttle service for your young teen, or available certain times of the week to keep an eye on the toddlers. Whatever your commitment, it's important for the family to understand the importance of this education and your reasons for striving toward that ultimate degree.


Business Degrees: The Sum Of All Credits

For various reasons, you may decide that not only is it a good idea to start working toward, or finishing, your business degree online, but it also might be a good idea to pick and choose credits from a variety of post-secondary schools. In theory, this could be a great idea for a number of reasons including:

  • Varied instructional design
  • A broader scope of learning experiences
  • Exposure to different learning methodologies
  • Some courses may be cheaper than others (shop around)
However, before you start jumping from institution to institution (whether traditional classroom learning or online training), make sure that the sum of the credits you're taking are transferable through solidly defined articulation agreements between colleges and universities. Otherwise, instead of graduating with a diploma, you'll have a stack of credits without any recognized designation.

To find out what credits are transferable, contact the campus registrar and discuss your options, plans, and future academic endeavors. While you might be surprised to discover the vast articulation agreements in place, you might also be unpleasantly surprised to discover your college of choice will not accept the credit you've just spent all of your valuable time and money on.


Graduation Rates For Online Students

There are a lot of things to consider when searching for the perfect academic fit for your goals. Naturally, accreditation comes into play. You want your final degree or diploma to be recognized in industry, in order to find ultimate employment. You want a place where the quality of the education is high, the methodology of instruction suits your learning style, and has a good reputation.

One of the most important questions to ask when applying for an online business school or university is, “What percentage of students successfully complete and graduate from the program?” This is important as it directly relates to the program itself. If there are problems with the learning outcomes, curriculum, or faculty teaching the program, people tend to give up and walk away. A high drop-out rate could indicate a problem with the curriculum, or problems with the overall integrity of the program.

In addition to asking about graduation rates, find out if the school/university has testimonials to offer, recent grads you can talk to, or some other indication of their worth as a post-secondary institution. After all, it's your time, money, and future on the line. Make sure to ask the right questions.


Program Restrictions To Online MBA

Initially, the thought of completing or working toward a business degree online seems like the fastest, perhaps easiest thing to do. It's definitely more convenient, especially if you (like most people) have to work for a living and aren't able to attend college or university in a classroom setting. However, don't expect to register for online training and be able to complete six or seven courses right off the bat. In fact, you'll be lucky if you can finish more than two courses at a time. Whether you're researching universities online, or browsing through college catalogues, you'll find that most online training restricts application of more than two course credits per any six week period.

Online training involves just as much work, if not more, than the traditional classroom setting. Due to the very nature of online training, more work is required to meet the specified learning outcomes. In addition, students are expected to lead the learning process themselves by actively engaging in student web boards, posting projects, participating in web board discussions, etc. While you may only actually need to be in front of the computer for a short period of time, the hours spent on assignments and projects will be considerable. Limiting students to two courses per six week term prevents students from working too far ahead and limits the academic burden inherent in all degree training.


MBA - Letters Of Recommendation

Being accepted into a respected MBA program is more than just filling out some paperwork. In fact, there's a great deal of research and preparation that goes into the process, including the application form itself, essays, references and/or letters of recommendation. Skimping on any of the application process could result in a rejected application.

When seeking out letters of recommendation, it helps to have a template as a guideline. Letters of recommendation should come from a respected colleague, current or past employer. They should be able to attest to your professionalism, integrity, work ethic, while giving solid examples of how you've contributed positively to the organization. The college/university wants to know who you are as a person, professionally and personally. They want to do what makes you tick and what dynamic skills you have. Specifically, a letter of recommendation should contain the following information:

  • Who the letter is referencing.
  • The writer's connection to you (i.e., current employer, colleague, etc.)
  • The number of positions you've held while working with the writer.
  • How much contact the writer had with you in your daily work environment.
  • A list of your strengths.
  • The writer's contact information for easy reference.
Letters of recommendation shouldn't exceed two pages, and should get to the point without being overly chatty. There are some free letter generators available on the Internet; however, they aren't necessary to complete a succinct, honest letter.


MBA Completion Requirements

Whether you're working towards a business degree online, business diploma, or other academic endeavor, there are likely a set of pre-determined completion requirements. These will vary depending on the type of program or degree you're working toward, and will vary slightly between campuses. However, it's important to understand the completion requirements, and the impact they'll have on your work, home, and personal life, before making that academic and financial commitment.

Working toward your MBA? You may be required to complete 12 mandatory courses, two comprehensive exams, one applied project, and two theme-based weekend seminars. In addition, there may be a week-long summer school residency requirement. It's important to note that just because the bulk of your studies will be completed online, you may be required to do some traveling (depending on your geographical proximity to the school). You'll want to f actor in those added expenses of obtaining your degree including gas costs, meals, accommodations, etc.

The other thing to consider is your ability to take time from work, if necessary, to do a short-term residency. Whether you're traveling for a day long workshop, or a week long stay, you'll need to make arrangements with your employer (assuming you're working while obtaining your degree).


When Finances Get In The Way Of A Business Degree

There's no question about it. Earning a business degree is an expensive proposition costing thousands of dollars when it's all said and done. The final tally on an MBA, for example, could cost you anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000. Unless you have a clear idea of what you're going to do with that MBA, and how it's going to benefit you in the end, it may be hard to realize the ultimate goal of earning that degree. Most people working toward an MBA, do so while currently holding down a full or part-time job. However, even though there's money being earned, the bills still have to be paid. So what happens when you realize you just can't afford that next course?

Taking a study break isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as you have a plan in place to continue your studies as soon as financially possible. Depending on the college or university, you will have between two and six years to complete your MBA online. In addition, you may be required to take at least one course credit per academic year in order to keep your status as a full or part-time student active. So, don't worry if you have to wait out a course credit due to financial constraints. Keep your eye on the goal, and sign up for the next available course as soon as you're able.

Why would I want to take an international business degree online?

The Global Economy Of International Business Degrees

There used to be a time when most businesses operated very regionally, unless they sported a brand name recognizable world-wide. These days, we're living in a global economy and the prospects for business relations extend beyond state borders.

Interested in obtaining an international business degree online? Good choice. An international business graduate degree could land you work in your home town, country, or somewhere abroad. The most successful executives have lived in other countries for extended periods of time, understand differences in culture, diversity, and the global demands of import and export operations.

There are different streams a student obtaining an international business degree online can take including concentrations in business, management, marketing, and technology. While taking your international business degree online, you'll explore the many facets of politics, economics, religion, culture, law, value systems, geography, and history, as they relate to the global community.

Working outside of the country puts a whole new perspective on the way the world works, especially the world of business. Building an understanding and respect for other traditions and cultures speaks volumes in the business world. Likewise, working internationally builds connections, and connections build careers. An international business degree can be the end of your education, or the launching pad for a degree in something else, like international law.

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